This website was created as supporting material to the thesis titled "The Memeing of Language" by Angad Singh. The thesis contends that memes are a powerful form of language that can be used outside the context of humor.

This website, in an attempt to prove this theory, provides the news in an unconventional way. The website itself is laid out in a traditional newspaper and news website format, acting as a meme of the news.

Each story is communicated in the form of texts and memes complimenting each other to communicate the information.The information is broken down into its simplest forms, making it easier to understand.

Whenever you see the image below, that means that the meme it is on comes with an explanation.

Clicking on the image will reveal the meaning of that meme and its original context.

At the end of each story is a link to the original, usually much longer article if you wish to get more information.


The Sierra Nevada red fox just showed up for the first time in 5 years

Scientist explains why the solutions to coronavirus and climate change are the same

Real tiger keeper talks about why she thinks Tiger King is disturbing

Trump has signed an executive order to mine the Moon for resources