So we've got the FTC, right? The Financial Trade Commission?

Their whole thing is making sure no businesses are able to create a monopoly by spending a butt-load of money

They said today that they're going to look at the money spent by Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft to make sure there were no unfair practices

When we told Elon that Tesla wasn't getting looked at, he took his jacket off for some reason


So now these guys are going to have to get their shit together and give all the information to the FTC

This includes all kinds of stuff; receipts, bills, texts, emails, etc. (JK JK we can neither confirm nor deny that)

No one from Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, Facebook or Microsoft was available for a comment but our guess is as good as yours as to what they're thinking rn

If you want to know more about this story, here's a link to the full article: FTC will examine prior acquisitions by Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft